More about us

Tech Elite is the leading Philippines facility catering to clients who need to hire IT, technical staff and other complex roles. After providing detailed consulting to help you build a great strategy, we then source, test, interview and hire the best professionals who most closely match your requirement. Learn about our model here.


Because we focus on top talent and complex roles, we don’t think of it as “cheap staffing” – we see it as superior value for world-class talent.


Read our vision here or learn here about some of the many ways we help clients succeed.

The Management Team

The Tech Elite management team is a big part of why our clients like working with us and why their teams succeed rapidly. (Check the testimonials.)

We aren’t here to blow smoke up your skirt. If your offshoring strategy has holes in it, we will tell you straight up and help you fix it. We have an awesome track record of success for our clients, and the last thing we want to do is to take your money for something that won’t work.


Once it’s up and running, you’ve then got a great management team to work with, always with ex-pat escalation points who understand what matters to you.


Eminently sensible, focused on productivity, not egotistical – we are easy and professional people to work with.

Scott Linden Jones

Director of Strategy & Systems

Based in Brisbane, Scott has been a consultant on global resourcing since 2012. He “wrote the book” on SME offshoring in 2013, the acclaimed “Third Wave” . He has guided many small and large companies to success with multi-shoring.  Scott also has over 15 years experience in running MSP and software businesses in Australia with fully-integrated AU & PH technical teams.  Scott will deliver your initial consulting face to face to make sure you start with a solid strategy.

Philip Callender


Based in Philippines since 2006, Phil has over 25 years experience running software development firms in Australia and Asia. He built and sold one of Australia’s top software development companies before moving to and setting up a new business in Philippines in 2006.
Extremely knowledgeable on local culture, Phil has over a decade of experience running and optimising IT and management teams in the Philippines.

Aravind Naidu


Based in Sydney, Arv’s reputation tends to precede him. He has over 20 years experience in directing and implementing ICT projects across Asia and Australia and has consulted to banks, software and telecommunications firms. Arv has immensely broad project experience across both the hardware and software arenas. If you’re based in Sydney, you might like to seek Arv’s expertise on offshoring strategy or about software development strategy.

Brent Kearney

Operations Manager

A former golf pro, Brent has 15 years experience with client services fulfilment in Australia. He earned his offshoring stripes running Filipino Facilities since 2013, and is our Operations Manager since 2015.  The buck stops with Brent if you have any issue, and he will be in touch with you regularly.

Robert Watson

Quality Compliance Manager

Rob has over 20 years experience in IT systems admin, project management, training & team management in both Australia & the Philippines.  Rob’s role is to check that as we scale up we continue to do exactly what we promise, and that we are fully compliant with all local laws.