Is your Australian tech business at risk from the Encryption Law?

Is your Australian tech business at risk from the Encryption Law? Set up an operational base in the Philippines NOW.


Australian Encryption Laws

  • Hold your IP and data outside Australia (that could be anywhere you prefer, not just the Philippines).
  • Retain your top Australian staff by contracting them in Australia from your offshore operation.
    (Offshore companies are not subject to these laws).
  • Tap into top Philippines tech & support talent. (Tech Elite’s speciality)
  • Incorporate in the Philippines in a modular way, gradually and safely (Easy Offshore’s specialty)
  • Obtain effective immunity from these debilitating encryption laws.



Labour to uphold Australian Encryption Laws

Labor has now stated they won’t repeal the terrible Encryption (killing) Laws that have been globally condemned by the tech community.

If you’re a software company based in Australia, it’s quite likely this represents a major risk to your business. To build security backdoors into your systems is  at best likely to make your users unhappy, and at worst invalidates important elements of your product.  It almost certainly risks you breaking laws in other jurisdictions.

On a global scale, Australia is a small market. So the question is “Can you afford to remain in Australia?”

Many tech firms have already decided that its no longer viable.  We have the answers.

Technology Elite and Easy Offshore can help you to relocate your operations to the Philippines immediately.

Incubate within our Technology  Elite Philippines facility while incorporating a Philippines company.
We have expertise in recruiting tech staff for you NOW, while you step through the incorporation process over the coming months. (Incorporation is slow in PH).

Gain the benefits of lower cost dev and support staff at the same time.

You will likely need to continue to engage your important Australian staff.  Establishing a company in the Philippines means you can simply CONTRACT your Australian staff from the Philippines. Initially, you can use our company to do that. After incorporation, you can do it yourself when you’re ready.

This is a solution available here and now. We can begin recruiting tech talent for you immediately, and we have serviced office space and modular service offerings to incubate your team and create an immediate offshore base for you.