Mask and Sanitizer

All persons: employees, clients and other visitors that will enter the facility will always wear a mask.  Upon entering the front door all persons shall also use the hand sanitizer.

Body Temperature Testing

A key symptom of the virus is high temperature/fever. For the purposes of early diagnosis, we will conduct temperature testing of all people entering our facility. Temperature testing will occur at three points:

      1. At the entrance to Clark Freeport Zone.
      2. At the entrance to the Technology Elite building.
      3. Upon request or on suspicion of fever.

Persons above 37.5 degrees in body temperature shall be asked to rest for 5 minutes before being re-tested. Anyone that tests twice above this temperature shall be:

  • Refused entry (in the case of visitors)
  • Segregated to the Triage / Clinic area (in the case of staff).

The manager in charge will then direct the implementation of the “Positive Case Protocol”, as described in our Post Enhanced Community Quarantine document.



Staff shall be required to use the stairs whenever possible. The stairs in our building are wide and safe with non-slip surfaces. We are only 3 flights from the ground.

The Landlord has also already marked each elevator with floor standing positions for social distancing.


Disinfectant Foot Bath

Staff are to use the disinfectant foot bath provided by Berthaphil at building entrance. 


Clock-in Procedure

Staff are NOT to use the biometric attendance tracker. Instead, use the web-bundy to clock in and clock off for your shift. Access this only via your workstation PC.


Social / Physical Distancing at Workstations 

  • No person shall sit at a workstation next to, or across from, another person.
  • The desk spacing has been implemented as: 
    • a minimum of 1.8M to the adjacent person (left/right), and  
    • a minimum of 1.6M distance diagonally opposite. 
  • Plexi-Glass barriers. We have now installed Plexi Glass barriers between each row. These will provide additional vertical protection for rows facing each other. These barriers sit on top of the desks, and extend upwards. 

Other Social / Physical Distancing Measures

  • Social distancing must be maintained at all times. Areas such as the office entrance and the fresh water coolers have spacing marks on the floor.
  • Physical meetings are discouragedIf a meeting must take place, meeting rooms have been marked to minimize the number of people allowed in each room, which is no more than half of the normal capacity.
  • Video meetings may be conducted at any time, either from each person’s normal workstation, or from one of the THREE designated video meeting rooms highlighted in the main diagram.
  • We will not permit more recruitment applicants to be present than one per separate (available) interview room, plus one in the reception waiting area.  Whenever possible interviews and exams will be taken without a physical meeting. 
  • Walk-in recruitment applicants may leave their resume outside the facility entrance in the designated signed box.
  • Handling of physical paperwork will be absolutely minimized. Utilize email and other contactless methods of communication where ever possible.
  • There is to be strictly no shaking hands or touching to greet coworkers or visitors
  • CR/Restrooms and water coolers / bins have been marked / modified to enforce social distancing

Delivery Agents 

Delivery (eg Lazada) is allowed, as we believe this will assist staff  to obtain the items they need for their family, while minimizing the number of places they must visit outside of their home.  The following processes shall apply: 

  • Packages must be PREPAID by staff, to avoid handling money during the delivery.
  • Only one delivery agent is allowed in the facility at a time,
  • The agent must be temperature-scanned prior to entry, 
  • The agent will not be allowed into the work areas of the facility, they must leave the package at reception, with our facilities team. 
  • Upon receipt of the package, the outside will be wiped with a diluted bleach solution before being given to the relevant staff member. 

Our management team has scoured reputable scientific, medical and news sources to collate all relevant information about COVID-19, the real world risks, and how to minimize risks at the office.

We compiled this into a 25 page report that is a single source of factual information, which is also easy to read.

This report will be updated as better data and new research papers change humanity’s understanding of COVID-19


  • Signs are placed on walls to remind each person to remain in physical distancing
  • Signs are placed in bathrooms to encourage frequent washing of hands
  • Signs are placed on walls to remind each person to use hand sanitizer.
  • Signs have been explained to all staff.
  • Examples of our signage are shown here, based on World Health Organization Infographics. 

Door Handles

Doors which do not need to be closed shall be left open to avoid the need to touch them. 

Doors which must stay closed shall be sanitized every 2 hours. 

Alcohol / Sanitizers

Alcohol / sanitizers are placed

  • At the facility Entrance 
  • In all workstation areas
  • In the pantry 

Designated Hand Wash Areas

There are 5 designated hand wash areas

  • 2 x male bathrooms
  • 2 x female bathrooms
  • 1 x lactation room
  • 1 x pantry

Staff are encouraged to bring any other personal hygienic products they wish 

Personal items, tools, equipment etc are NOT to be shared between employees unless first being disinfected with alcohol. 

Air Sanitation Precautions 

Removing any possible virus particles from the air can further minimize risk. There are two measures we have implemented for air sanitation:  air exchange processes, and air purification devices. 

      1. Air Exchange Four times per day we will open the external doors (emergency escapes and balcony doors).  We will use a strong fan to push fresh air into the office from outside (balcony), which will flow through the office and exit through the emergency exits.
      2. Air Purification UV-C light is proven to destroy bacteria and viruses.  We have added air purification devices which draw-in air, pass the air past a UV sterilizer and filter, and exhaust the clean air.  We have added additional bare UV lighting devices that can be run during the night when no staff are around, to perform an overnight sterilization of the occupied offices.