Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I consider employing offshore staff?


There are a couple of key benefits related to employing offshoring as a viable strategy in your business. In simple terms, offshoring can improve your service levels as well as lowering the overall cost to your business. The theory is really quite simple …… you can employ the very top performing staff offshore for between 20% and 50% the cost of an average performer in Australia or New Zealand. The savings will of course depend on the specific role being analysed. What we typically find is that roles with a lower skill requirement generally have a larger cost saving.


For more information on how multi-shoring is transforming business at all levels, we suggest you purchase and read Scott Linden Jones’ book “The Third Wave”.


If you aren’t confident that you know enough to be offshoring successfully, have a read of this article on why business often fail with offshoring and how we address those failure points before you even start with us.


What I.T. roles are suitable for offshoring?


The easiest strategy in a technical business is to use offshoring to leverage your top local staff, not replace them. In a technology business, there are key senior staff who are vital to the organisation and its client relationships. Usually the best thing you can do is remove tasks off them that are ‘below their pay grade’. By assembling a team of skilled staff in our facility, you leverage your top local (expensive) staff, improve customer service and reduce cost.


We care share information and case studies with you in regards to optimising onshore:offshore staffing ratios. The most effective strategy is dependent upon factors in your business like your current staffing, your management capacity, your current bottlenecks, your growth expectations, your current margins, and your  primary driving motivators for offshoring.


See the ROLES section of this website for all the roles you COULD offshore. It’s a long list. There isn’t much you can’t do from the Philippines but which roles are easier for your business to implement will be somewhat unique to your business, so please do leverage our consultants to assist.


Can you also help us hire non-technical roles?


Yes, absolutely. Not all of our clients are technical; some just like us because we are ethical and reliable and run a tight ship.


Almost any roles COULD be done from the Philippines, but it’s worthwhile talking to our consultants to help you determine which is an easier place to start and offers the best returns.


Common non-technical roles include administration, bookkeeping, sales support, procurement, estimating, quantity surveying, CAD operators, data entry, compliance, and lead generation.



Why should I build a team with Tech Elite versus other providers?


For a couple of reasons – firstly that our speciality is technical staffing. If your business is technical or has some technical staff, you’ll come to value that we are the only provider who specialises in this and has built their business success upon being great at hiring roles that other facilities do a terrible job at recruiting and retaining. We understand technical businesses, and we understand what their clients want. See the background of our experienced management team to understand us better.


Secondly, our other advantages are:




  • A facility that is focused on productivity, progression and ethics. This resonates with ‘elite-minded’ staff.


  • A sister consulting firm (Easy Offshore) that specialises in change management and the integration of offshore teams. You’ll get 4 consulting sessions when you start with us, to help you get a running start and avoid common problems.


  • Technology in our facility is done to the highest standards, with triple redundant internet, secure networks and constant monitoring.


  • Lunch is provided every day for all staff – staff really love this, often bragging about it to their friends.  We also get to sneakily improve everyone’s nutrition, which does matter in a country where many parents think feeding their kids hot dogs for breakfast is a good idea.


  • Very carefully crafted salary packages which use uncommon but highly-valued staff benefits to enhance high staff retention.


  • A clean, green, safe and reliable environment in Clark Freeport.



How does Tech Elite’s recruitment process work?


You have probably hired staff before that look great on paper but who turn out to be poorly skilled.

You may also have experienced facilities that don’t take the time to understand what you need and value. Or maybe you hired work-at-home staff and found it unreliable.  Our systems eliminate all of that trial-and-error.


Our recruitment process is rigorous and includes the following stages. This process has taken years to perfect and is a key differentiator for our service.


“Your recruitment process is the best I have seen.. not just offshore, but anywhere.”
Lee, Netcare – Australian MSP


Position Build – Ensuring we understand what you need. This often leads to a consulting session to fix flaws in your strategy prior to recruitment.


Find Candidates – We use a combination of broadcast advertising, social media and head-hunting.


Self Assessment & Resume Filtering – What do candidates believe they are great at? What is important to each? What experience / skills do they SAY they have?


Primary Technical Testing – What skills do they ACTUALLY have? First skills filtering.


English Testing & First Interview – Do they have the written / conversational skills to meet your needs? Will they adapt to your accent?


Secondary Technical Testing – Most technical positions require further vetting of a candidate’s skills via comprehensive exams. For high level roles a third set of exams may be used to further understand specialist skills.


Psychometric Profiling – Our exclusive profiling system digs much deeper. What is this person actually LIKE for your team to work with? How will they perform when they are under pressure? What are their weakest areas. (we all have them!) What management techniques will be needed to ensure the best results? Profiling is usually just done for senior roles but we are currently working on a new system to be soon used for all roles.


Client Interview – By this stage we are already confident that they can do the job, this interview is more to ensure that you like them and they will fit into your company culture.



How long will it take for Tech Elite to find me the staff I need?


The short answer is two to eight weeks. We may even have some candidates pre-tested if you want the kind of role that we hire frequently for other clients like you.


The longer answer is that it depends on the role we are recruiting for you.


It really comes down to two key factors: the law of supply and demand of the skillset you need, and the details of the package on offer. The best way to reduce the time required to recruit is to structure the role to best suit the Philippines’ employment market. This is where our consultants can help you to adjust the role before recruitment begins. If you try to build a ‘unicorn’ role and need to find a one-in-a-million person, then your strategy is probably wrong and we need to look at that first. Unique talent is usually best sourced at home, and then leveraged by the offshore team.


The other thing to note is that candidates are usually already employed elsewhere and have to give a notice period to their employer before they can leave and work for you. Some businesses start offshoring in the Philippines with the incorrect assumption that there are queues of people waiting for a job. Quality staff already have a job, just like back home, and there is healthy competition for the best staff. You need to be ready to interview them promptly and make a decision quickly when you’re happy.  Once you sign up with us we will send you a recruitment guide and important interview tips to make this process easy to understand.



Where exactly will my  staff be located?


Tech Elite’s offices are located in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines. This is around 2 hours drive north from Manila.  We have a secondary office in Manila which is sometimes required if clients want us to move existing Manila staff onto our payroll, or if we have hunted a specialist in Manila who will not relocate.


We located our offices in Clark in order to provide your staff with the least stressful, most productive working environment available in the Philippines today. Clark is clear of traffic, chaos, crowds, pollution and flooding which are daily concerns for businesses located in Metro Manila. In Clark, commute times, even from the nearby cities of Mabalacat or Angeles are typically only 15 minutes by private transport or 30 minutes by public transport.


Average commute times in Metro Manila range between two hours and up to six hours per day. Commute times of this length, in hot, humid and polluted conditions CANNOT lead to productive staff when they arrive at their offices. Less time commuting means staff are more focused and productive when they are in the office and this also allows them to spend more time with family and friends. Happier staff are more productive people.


We offer a peaceful working environment that encourages our staff to become the best professionals they can be. We don’t have enormous, noisy rooms with a “battery hen” feel to them. We have many smaller rooms of 5 – 40 capacity with indoor plants and natural light penetrating as much as possible.

There’s more about our offices and management here.



I’ve heard that all the good staff are in Manila, is that true?


The only people who say that are the facilities who have their only office in Manila! 🙂 In Clark we draw upon the talent pool from Manila and all the way up into Northern Luzon.


There are an ENORMOUS number of people who only live in Manila because they were able to get a well-paid job there, and will happily relocate to Clark area if offered an alternative.  Many of the people in Manila are actually from the north anyway, so moving to Clark brings them closer to their family.


We’ve not yet (2017) had even a single role that we could not fill because we couldn’t find talent living nearby us, or very willing to relocate.


We do keep a secondary office in Manila in case a client REALLY wants to be there, or because they have existing staff there. It’s quite rare for someone to visit both cities and then decide they want to start a new team in Manila – but please come and make your own decision, we are happy to accommodate.


Even the Philippines government is moving entire departments to Clark to get out of Manila congestion. For example, in July 2017 it was announced that the Transport Department would be moving to Clark for this reason.



What facilities does Tech Elite provide for my staff?


Tech Elite provides your new staff with first class facilities and whatever tools they need in order to deliver a high quality result to your business.


We know that if we are to attract the best talent in the market, then their work environment needs to be comfortable and health sensitive. Your staff need sufficient comfort and great equipment to be able to perform at their peak and produce the best results for you. The standard package provided to all staff when they start with Tech Elite is a larger (than normal) office desk with a high quality office chair. We also provide a quality computer package consisting of a mid to high-end laptop plus a 22 inch secondary monitor.


Should you require additional processing power, bigger or higher resolution monitors or any other additional tools for your staff, Tech Elite can source and provision this for your staff at cost price.


Our facility has triple-redundant internet links supplying plenty of bandwidth and load-balanced fail-over for your team. This is a common shortcoming of Philippines facilities, so we have made sure that we don’t have issues in this area. We also have redundant power with diesel generator backup. It’s rarely needed, perhaps once or twice a year, because we have military-grade infrastructure in Clark, unlike some other places in the Philippines.


Our first facility has a capacity of 300 staff and is divided into shared rooms of maximum 40 staff, as well as private business suites for teams of 4-10 .  These divisions keep noise levels to a minimum, and most clients remark on how quiet it is.  We have a second location in Makati, and a third location being planned for late 2018.


Of course there are other facilities like bathrooms, kitchens, filtered chilled water, monthly functions, and several annual functions. Every year we add more perks and more facilities for staff; we are quite excited about our plans for 2018.


Can I visit my staff in the Philippines?


YES PLEASE! We would love for you to visit!   As you’ll learn from your first consulting session with us, it’s a great experience for your staff to have their boss visit, so they will appreciate it too.  You can arrange to meet your team here at any time. You can fly via Manila and drive to Clark (sometimes a lot of traffic), or fly directly into Clark International Airport, which is five minutes from our office and various hotels. Our client concierge service can help you with these arrangements.  We can also assist to fly staff back home to your office for a training visit.



I don’t know anything about the Philippines or it’s culture. Will this be a problem?


Although your team will be fluent in English, there are quite a few differences between the Australian and New Zealand culture and the culture of the Philippines that you will need to be aware of in order to get the best from your team.


However, you have no need to worry as Tech Elite provides you with a Cultural Alignment Briefing to assist you and your local team and managers to understand and integrate more easily with your Filipino team.  This is part of our initial strategy consulting with you, which is unique to Tech Elite.


We also do the reverse – teaching your staff more about YOUR culture and your expectations, with two highly detailed training sessions when they start work.


 Want to know more?  Meet our Management Team

Seen enough?  Give us a call today and make a start!