IT Offshoring Philippines trip Oct 31st – Flights, Accom & Food all paid for – one spot left

IT Offshoring Philippines

Almost all IT company owners have tried some form of offshore outsourcing. More than 75% of them are disappointed with the result.

This is NOT because IT offshoring doesn’t work. It’s because they don’t know how to do it properly.

They make the same mistakes that everyone makes – 10 predictable mistakes that are easy to correct once you know what they are.


How to Build a High Skill Offshore Technical Team
2018 Business Tour to The Philippines
Oct 31st – Nov 3rd 2018

This is an exclusive tour for IT business owners and CIOs, lead by industry experts from MSP, Software, and Offshoring.

5 spots total on the tour only – one spot remaining as of today.

The costs are refundable if you hire staff after the tour, but there is no obligation to do that, you will learn a lot anyway.


On this tour you will learn:

This is a packed learning tour specifically designed to give provide a clear offshore strategy to Australian & NZ tech companies.

  1. Why MSPs and software companies frequently fail with offshoring. No sugar coating – the actual 10 reasons.
  2. Where old NOC-style solutions will fail / succeed for a typical MSP and software company.
  3. How “Outsourcing” has evolved in the last few years, into a new model that gives you complete control over staff and output, without needing you to set up an offshore company.
  4. Experience the pros and cons of the most desirable Philippines locations: Manila and Clark.
  5. The realities “on the ground” in Philippines, and behind the scenes of BPOs.
  6. How your lack of cultural knowledge of Filipinos is contributing to past poor results.
  7. Where to start with your offshore team – specific advice based upon your business size, goals, management team, and bottlenecks. Advice from an MSP owner who has been there.
  8. How much are salaries, office costs and other cost factors when building a team.
  9. Exactly what you need to know to run HIGHLY productive, HIGHLY skilled tech teams in PH.


The tour cost is subsidised and potentially zero.

See the webpage below for more information: