The Problem with Outsourcing IT Staff

The Problem with Outsourcing IT Staff

So you’ve outsourced IT support work to an offshore company before and had a bad experience.

You found that their techs just really didn’t understand the serious outcomes from making a mistake or communicating poorly.

This made you nervous to try anything offshore again, despite the opportunity to reduce costs.


The problem is this with Outsourcing IT: How can you get someone else’s staff, to CARE DEEPLY about YOUR customers and their end users?


I really don’t think you can. It’s hard for outsourced staff to even think of you as “the boss”, because their real boss works in their office.

So think about how disconnected they are from your end users – from their point of view that’s the client’s customer’s users!

This is why Technology Elite’s solution works so well – because it’s not outsourcing (but it is offshoring).
We recruit staff to your spec. They know from day 1 that you are the boss, and your customers are the ones to impress.
Sure, we maintain their employment contracts, payroll and give them a great office environment.

BUT you are the boss, so you set the standards, the methods, and their career path forward.

It’s outsourcing turned on it’s head, and it’s one reason we grew to 220 staff, have zero client churn and only 4% annual staff churn.

Your Staff. Your Processes. Your Quality.
Our Philippines Facility. Our Support.