What is it like working at Technology Elite in Clark?

Tech Elite’s offices are located in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines. This is around 2 hours drive north from Manila. Our sister company, world-famous Twist Resources, has been head-quartered here for over ten years, so you know we are a stable and successful company.



We located our offices in Clark in order to provide staff with the least stressful, most productive working environment available in the Philippines today. Clark is clear of traffic, chaos, crowds, pollution and flooding. These are daily concerns for businesses and staff located in Metro Manila. In Clark, commute times are typically only 15 minutes by private transport or 30 minutes by public transport.


There are direct buses that travel from Manila straight to our office site in Clark Centre – very handy for attending interviews. However, because that commute time is typically 2+ hours each way, we don’t allow staff to take a role if they have to commute daily from Manila. Fortunately there are lots of accommodation types within 15-30 minutes of our office, and costs are far lower than Manila.


Average commute times in Metro Manila range between two hours and up to six hours per day. Commute times of this length, in hot, humid and polluted conditions make it much harder for staff to be productive when they arrive at their offices.

Less time commuting means staff are more focused and productive when they are in the office and this also allows them to spend more time with family and friends. Happier people are more productive team members!





We offer a peaceful working environment that encourages our staff to become the best professionals they can be. We don’t have enormous, noisy rooms with a “battery hen” feel to them. We have many smaller rooms of 5 – 40 capacity with indoor plants and natural light.

Depending on the role, we have technical training classes and mentoring options to further enhance your career.







All staff are provided a nutritious and tasty cooked lunch every day. (The pizza is only for training sessions and end of month fun activities!)


Onsite catering daily saves you the time and heat of buying lunch, and also saves staff around P3000 per month!

But if someone feels like a Jolly Bee or burger fix one day, there’s a lot of places to eat within a 5 minute walk.



We have a caring HR team that will help  you with your career development. We want staff to stay with us forever, and so we treat everyone with respect.


We provide the best HMO medical insurance coverage.  Unlike all other companies in the Philippines, we provide this coverage from DAY 1 of working with us – no stressful six month period of waiting with no HMO!

We also offer an industry-leading 20 days of annual leave, and rapid access to PTO entitlements.   Why? Because we hire career professionals, and we know that if we look after them, they will look after us.






We have some fun parties each year, including Christmas, Halloween and Easter celebrations.  We also have end of month games to make it easier to get to know other people and other teams.


There are a lot of family and fun things to do around Clark and Pampanga, and it’s easy to travel around to experience them.


We have a guide book for new staff, which helps to understand accommodation, transport and activities.


Tech Elite is for career professionals who love to work in an elite team and achieve great things.