Why Your Offshore Team Disappoints You

Why Your Offshore Team Disappoints You

If you could change the way you train your offshore staff just a bit, and tweak the way you communicate and collaborate internally, and this guaranteed you’ll be able to build a world-class team offshore, would you do it?

I’m just putting the finishing touches on the latest refresh of our multi-shoring consulting content.

Aside from things like poor recruitment and picking a facility that has no deep experience in your industry, the other BIG reason offshore teams fail is from poor cultural understanding coming from ONSHORE management.

That missing piece of the puzzle is what we train every single client on, before they start a team with us.

We have extremely low staff churn, and almost zero client churn. That’s not a coincidence.

Nothing is HARD about this consulting content, or the changes you need to make, it’s just that until someone decodes it for you, its absolutely not obvious.

One of the great things about the Philippines is that staff speak English. However, that similarity leads foreign bosses to assume that communication, training and management will be the same as onshore. That assumption works well enough to get you started, but you’ll never build a world-class team with this approach.

Poor management understanding of the Filipino culture shows itself as a variety of issues like:

poor attendance, random resignations, unpredictable emotional responses, ignoring known problems instead of escalating, inexplicable errors, and

fluctuating productivity.

Unfortunately many onshore bosses conclude from those problems that building high-performance high-skill teams in the Philippines is impossible, and that’s simply not the case.

 I learned these important lessons though a decade of randomly screwing things up with the offshore teams in my own businesses, and then painstakingly pulling apart the source until i found each issue.

That’s a tough road, so now I really enjoy helping make it easier for others.

We’ve been offering a money-back guarantee on the consulting content for 5 years, with the promise that if you didn’t learn an enormous amount and come away with clarity, then tell us and we will refund the cost.

No claimants yet on the refund offer. In fact even clients that have been offshoring for years go away feeling great because they finally know the reasons for a variety of historical baffling outcomes with their Filipino staff.

So do you know why the hilarious Filipino phase “Bahala na si Batman” explains why your offshore staff don’t bring forward problems immediately?

Do you know why flat management structures are poisonous to Filipino teams?

Do you know why your training doesn’t seem to “sink in”?

Maybe it’s time to find out.