Your monthly invoice will be made up of two transparent components:



Direct salary package for the employee
(at cost price – NO MARK UP).


A flat “Seat Fee” per employee
If you cost each overhead back home, you’ll find that office space,
power, IT , HR / legal etc costs you $500-$1000 per person per month.


“Serviced Office”

  • Australian account management
  • Professional office environment
  • Wide desk, comfortable chair for each employee
  • Meeting rooms, bathrooms, kitchens

IT Equipment and Services

  • Fast computer with dual screens, webcam and noise cancelling headset
  • IT Support from an ITIL managed team
  • Live monitoring of link speed to services that matter to you
  • Secure VLAN, Gateway Firewall, Application blocking, VPN as required
  • Triple-redundant fibre optic internet with guaranteed bandwidth
  • Lowest latency link available in the Philippines, and QOS for best voice quality
  • Additional equipment available as required

HR Support and Staff Services

  • Shared Human Resource Manager & HR Support
  • Employment contracts management and recommended salary advisory
  • Support for Performance Appraisal, disciplinary actions and retraining
  • Payroll and taxation services for staff (DOLE and BIR compliant)
  • Administration of training courses

Staff Perks

  • Job-prep induction to help them understand your business and expectations.
  • Monthly activities, games and prizes
  • Annual Easter, Halloween and Christmas parties (upgrade options)
  • Training lab with various hardware (being refreshed for 2018!)
  • Occasional software training courses from in-house trainers
  • Little surprises and lots of love

Client Perks

  • Onboarding consulting to get your offshore strategy right from day 1
  • Client travel concierge (flight advice, transfer & hotel booking assistance)
  • Meet at airport on your first visit, to make it hassle-free (*Clark)
  • Christmas party (we hope you can make it!)

It also includes a little bit of profit for us!


AU $890 per month each

Direct Salary Package


AU $790 per month each

Direct Salary Package